Tribute to Wolfie - for brass ensemble

A new piece for Brass Ensemble is available for purchase.

Tribute to Wolfie was written for the Brass of the Flemish Opera.
This fun arrangement is a must have for every Brass Ensemble.

Freedom - Trumpet and Piano

Freedom was written for Jeroen Schippers, trumpet player at the Royal Navy Marine Band in the Netherlands.

New Music for RCO Brass Ensemble

For the new program of the Brass of the Royal Concertgebouw, Steven arranged 3 pieces.

Asturias named simply Leyenda by Isaac Albéniz.
La Vida Breve from the opera La Vida Breve by Manuel de Falla.
Chanson de Matin as a perfect encore by Edward Elgar.

Fire Horse - Trombone Trio and Piano

Fire Horse – Trombone Trio with Piano, was written originally for Bart Claessens, Nico Schippers and Martin Schippers, all members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Steven wrote a new version with Piano.

West Side Story Suite - Trumpet, Trombone and Piano

West Site Story Suite, was written for Caleb Hudson and Achilles Liamakopoulos, both members of Canadian Brass.

It features different movements from the famous music of Leonard Bernstein.
A fun new addition to the repertoire.

Kaleidoscope - Trombone solo and Brass Band

Kaleidoscope, originally written for Jörgen van Rijen and the Nagoya Trombone Association is now also available for Solo Trombone and Brass Band.

Other versions for Concert Band and Fanfare will available soon.

Seven Stories

Seven Stories, is a new piece written for Fanfare 3rd Division.

Velocity 020

Velocity 020, a thrilling trombone duet with piano, written for Martin Schippers and Tim Ouwejan is now officially available for purchase.

Stars Rewritten

In the series of Ben Van Dijk meets… a new duet (with piano) has come to life:

Stars Rewritten is written for Ben Van Dijk and Alain Trudel and is available now for purchase.

We zullen doorgaan - Hafabra

HaFaBra versions of the famous ‘We zullen doorgaan’ arrangement as recorded by Antwerp Symphony Orchestra are available now for purchase.

Concert Band
Brass Band


For the International Trombone Festival in Columbus, Steven has written some new music.

Puched Out (DUET) was written for Justin Cook and Ryan Robinson. (Trombone and Tuba)
Starlight Universe (TROMBONE ENSEMBLE) was written for the Southeast Trombone Symposium and the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University.
The Garden of Heavenly Delights (TROMBONE TRIO and ORCHESTRA) was written for Colin Williams, Nathan Zgonc and George Curran.

NEW Brass Duet

A brand new brass duet is written for Ben Van Dijk (bass trombone) and Matthias Höfs (trumpet).

Paperclip Souls is available now for purchase.

L’Artistas - Trombone Duet

A NEW Trombone Duet composed for Ben Van Dijk and Joseph Alessi.

It is called “L’Artistas” and the sheet music is available here in my webshop.

Angel’s Tango - Trombone Duet

A NEW Trombone Duet composed for Martin Schippers and Tomer Mashkowski.

It is called “Angel’s Tango” and the sheet music is available here in my webshop.

Lock Horns - Trombone Duet

A NEW Trombone Duet is composed for Ben Van Dijk and José Milton Vieira.

It is called “Lock Horns” and the sheet music is now available on my webshop.

Song for Health - Extended version

NEW Extended version available free to download for Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, Octet, Brass Ensemble, Concert Band, Brass Band, Fanfare, …

Due to the recent ban on large events in order to curb a further outbreak of the coronavirus, many of us musicians, are left sitting at home bursting with creativity. Let’s use the power of music to support the efforts of our incredible healthcare and public service workers who are at the frontlines of the corona pandemic. It simultaneously will raise awareness of the importance of music for society.

Colores - Piano Reduction

On request of many, Colores is now available for Bass Trombone solo and Piano Reduction.

It was commissioned by Martin Schippers, bass trombonist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.


Gala Overture is the set piece for section C of the Flemish Open Brass Band Championship 2020.

It was commissioned by Brass Band Hombeek to celebrate their 125th anniversary.

Gershwin! - Brass of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Gershwin! is a fantastic new medley for Brass Ensemble with famous music from George Gershwin such as An American in Paris, Rhapsody in Blue, Porgy and Bess, I Got Rhythm… Especially written for the Brass of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

3 Brand NEW Trombone Concerto’s with CONCERT BAND

Rhapsodia for 2 (Contra) Bass Trombones ! was commissioned by DSWO and Ruud Welle and was written for Marijn Migchielsen and Rommert Groenhof.   And is now also available for purchase.

ABC Concerto (A Bart Claessens Concerto) is a my first major Concerto for Tenor Trombone and Concert Band.  More news about availability and première is coming very soon.

DNA Concerto (Duet Concerto) for Tenor Trombone and Bass Trombone solo with Concert Band will be released soon.  This concerto is written for Martin and Nico Schippers.  More news coming soon.

New Works for Bass Trombone - released

On Your Own Now for Solo Bass Trombone ! was commissioned by Zachary Bond, George Curran, Jeffrey Dee, Brian Hecht, James Markey and Denson Paul Pollard already in 2016 but now also available for purchase.

Colores for Bass Trombone solo and Trombone Ensemble was written for Martin Schippers and is a new fun, energetic and spectacular showcase for the Bass Trombone.

Slide Factory 2017 - Compositions and Arrangements

At the Slide Factory Festival 2017 some new music and arrangements from Steven Verhelst came alive.  Many of them will be available soon.

One of them is already available : Fragile for 4 ContraBassTrombones !

New solo piece for Trombone Solo

Kaleidoscope is a brand new piece for Trombone Solo with Trombone Ensemble

Commissioned by the Nagoya Trombone Association and played at their first festival featuring Jörgen Van Rijen.

New Sheet Music for Trombone Ensemble

New music available for Trombone Octet, Trombone Ensemble and Bass Trombone solo.

  1. Giant’s Tale – commissioned by the Southeast Trombone Symposium and the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University.
  2. The River Bells – commissioned by Dr. Bradley Palmer and the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University.Soon available :
  3. Hymn for Planet Earth – commissioned by George Curran and the Columbus State University Trombone Ensemble. Bradley Palmer, director.

New CD and Sheet Music for Low Brass

the Low Brass group of the Rotterdam Philharmonic plays the music of Steven Verhelst.

1. Slide-O-Mix – Steven Verhelst
2. Symphonic Adventure – Steven Verhelst
3. Bastasia – Steven Verhelst
4. Monumental Brass – Steven Verhelst
5. Concerto Brabajo – Steven Verhelst
6. Low Brass Special – Tomasz Stolarczyk
7. Fiesta Brava – Steven Verhelst

Composer in Residence - SliderAsia Festival

Steven is invited to become composer in residence of the SliderAsia Festival this summer in Hong Kong.

There will be new music for Brass Ensemble, Trombone Octet and many more.
A symphonic version of 6.35 will be premièred.

The final concert of the festival will be conducted by Steven Verhelst

New CD - World Concerto

Ben Van Dijk plays the music of Steven Verhelst.

A journey around the globe! With a diverse repertoire with music from all over the world, Ben Van Dijk and Steven made a new CD with all new repertoire for Basstrombone.

All music is available with Piano or Band accompaniment

Once Upon A Time - Glenn Van Looy

Glenn Van Looy released his 2nd solo album.
First piece on this CD is “Once Upon A Time”.

This brilliant piece was given to Glenn by his parents as a present for his 21st birthday.

Steven wrote the 3 movement concerto as a surprise for Glenn.

Listen to Once Upon A Time : 1st Movement.

Sheet music for Once Upon A Time is available here.

A Song For Japan

In 2011 Steven participated in a charityproject for the victims of the tsunami in Japan.

This resulted in a major support from the trombone community all over the world.
A Song For Japan, dedicated to the victims and relatives of the disaster has been played over the world by thousands of musicians.

Please take a look at the website of the charity project.

Arrangements for Chamber Music

It’s always a treat to write music for Chamber Music. Especially when it concerns for prominent players.
Steven makes arrangements and compositions on a regular base, for Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orchestra Brass, Rotterdam Philharmonic Brass, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, …

International Trombone Ensemble, New Trombone Collective, World Trombone Quartet, ...

Explore some of the greatest trombone players in the world and their ensembles.
International Trombone Ensemble, New Trombone Collective, World Trombone Quartet, ..


A new and easy way to find music of Steven Verhelst for your next concert.

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Easy and simple.

After purchase, the music will be sent to your email and you can download the sheet music as PDF-files.


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