• Applicability and validity of the conditions

    In our General Conditions the following is understood

    • Muzix: MUZIX COMM. V, established in Oude Steenweg 136, 2530 Boechout, BE0561807964;
    • Customer: every natural person that enters into an agreement with MUZIX COMM. V;
    • Website: the website managed by Muzix Comm. V: www.stevenverhelst.com
    • These conditions apply to all offers on the Website of MUZIX COMM V., and to all agreements entered into through the Website with MUZIX COMM. V.
    • By using the Website and/or placing an order, the client accepts all our general conditions, and all rights and obligations as they appear on the website.
    • The General Conditions applied by the Client are not valid without explicit and written agreement. In the event that certain differing conditions are agreed upon, all other clauses contained in these conditions will remain valid, unabridged.
    • MUZIX COMM. V is entitled to use third parties in the execution of an agreement with the Client.
    • MUZIX COMM. V retains the right to change and/or add to these General Conditions for future orders.
  • Offers and Proposals

    • All offers and proposals are not binding, unless a time period for acceptance is included.  Under this we retain the right to revoke within two (2) days after receipt.
    •  A proposal in name has a validity period of two (2) weeks, unless another time period is stated within this proposal.
    • An agreement is made at the time that a confirmation of the order is presented to the Client, either in writing or by email to the email address submitted by the Client.
    • The Client and MUZIX COMM. V agree that through the use of electronic communication a valid agreement may be completed. The lack of a signature does not lessen the binding force of the acceptance of the offer. To the extent that is legally allowed, the electronic files received by MUZIX COMM. V, will apply as proof of agreement
    • MUZIX COMM. V strives to represent the current supply status for all articles on the Website.  If the ordered product is not in stock, despite this being advertised on the Website, the Client will be informed.
    • MUZIX COMM. V has the right to refuse an assignment without giving a reason.
  • Prices

    • All prices are always inclusive of VAT (6%).
    • The Client owes the sum that MUZIX COMM. V communicated in accordance with art. 2.3 of these General Conditions.  Mistakes, such as evident errors may be corrected by MUZIX COMM. V, even after the agreement.
    • Discounts are – where present – granted per agreement and does not entitle the same discounts in the following agreement.
  • Payment

    • Payment of orders placed via the Website can be made through Creditcard, PayPal, Bancontact/Mister Cash and IDEAL. Payment related costs are the responsibility of MUZIX COMM. V.
    • MUZIX COMM. V may expand their payment options in the future. This will be announced on the Website.
    • When MUZIX COMM. V agrees to a payment term, the Client is negligent when that term has passed. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the payment term for wire transfer payment is as indicated in art. 4.2.
    • Extra judicial costs of any nature which MUZIX COMM. V has incurred because of the Client not fulfilling their payment obligations are paid by the Client.
  • Complaints and returns

    • The Client must inspect the order immediately after receipt. Complaints regarding the order must be done in writing or email at info@stevenverhelst.com, no later than 7 days after the receipt of the order.
    • Unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand, all return related costs of the order or portions of it with MUZIX COMM. V are the Client’s responsibility.
    • When the Client, without complaint, renounces their sale within 14 days in accordance with the WHPC, the return costs related to the order or portions of it to MUZIX COMM. V are the Client’s responsibility.
  • Liability

    • Should the goods delivered by MUZIX COMM. V be faulty or deficient, they will be replaced or repaired within the relevant warranty term set by MUZIX COMM. V and conditions as prescribed by Belgian Law. MUZIX COMM. V will be the owner of the returned goods.
    • In the event of force majeure, MUZIX COMM. V is not required to meet its obligations towards the Client. MUZIX COMM. V may suspend its obligation for the time period of the force majeure.
    • Force majeure is every circumstance that makes the fulfilment of the obligations of MUZIX COMM. V toward the Client, completely or partially impossible. This includes strikes, fire, operational failure, energy failure, failure in a telecommunication network, and non or late delivery by suppliers or other third parties.
  • Intellectual Property

    • °The Client explicitly recognizes that all rights of the intellectual property of the represented information, announcements or other expressions in relation to the Website lie with MUZIX COMM. V, its subcontractors or other entitled parties.
    • Intellectual property rights are: patent, author, copyright, brand, drawing and model rights and/or other rights, including whether or not patentable technical and/or commercial knowhow, methods and concepts.
  • Privacy

    • MUZIX COMM. V will take into account the relevant laws and regulations regarding the Client’s data.
    • Under no circumstances will MUZIX COMM. V sell or make public Client’s email address, nor pass on personal information to any third party, with exception of third parties that are used to deliver the goods ordered.
  • Dispute arrangement and applicable law

    • Only Belgian law applies to all offers and agreements.
    • The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention (VSC) is explicitly excluded.
    • All disputes in relation to or resulting from an offer by MUZIX COMM. V or agreements made with MUZIX COMM. V will be presented to the competent judge in Boechout, unless an urgent legal clause explicitly appoints another judge.
  • Miscellaneous clauses

    • The registered office of MUZIX COMM. V is at 2530 Boechout, Oude Steenweg 136, under company registration number BE 0561807964. All correspondence in relation to an agreement or these conditions may be sent to MUZIX COMM. V on the previously mentioned address or to email address info@muzix.be
    • If any clause of these General Conditions is illegal, void or not enforceable for any other reason, then this clause will be separated from these General Conditions and will not influence the validity and enforceability of other clauses. These General Conditions are the complete agreement between the Client and MUZIX COMM. V in relation to the included matter.


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Steven Verhelst
Telephone : (+32) 486032365
Oude Steenweg 136
2530 Boechout
E-mail: info@stevenverhelst.com

Mieke Van Berendoncks
Telephone : (+32) 486720743
Oude Steenweg 136
2530 Boechout
E-mail: info@muzix.be

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BTW-nummer : BE0561807964

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